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At the start of the year, HoCoSo labelled 2020 as the year of Community.  As our hospitality real-estate industry is undergoing through unprecedented times and blurring of boundaries, it is more important than ever before that we collaborate to find solutions, together!

HoCoSo CONNECT is an initiative to drive our focus on opportunity; to work on solutions; to identify best practices; and to support each other.

The CONVERSATION is a podcast channel hosted by Jonathan Humphries, Chairman of HoCoSo, encouraging the discussion with thought leaders from around the globe, for the hospitality industry.

Recent Episodes

Living your life with intent with Simone Gibertoni

“Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work and what you need to know to live your life intentionally” – with Claudia Roth

Claudia takes us through what we mean by an intentianol life, the total shift from the need of recognition from the outside and really assessing the important things from within. Discover self-love, the true meaning and benefits of meditation and good habits.

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Personal Transformation: Living with a positive mindset with Simone Gibertoni

“Personal Transformation: Living with a positive mindset to create new results” – with Simone Gibertoni

Simone talks about what it takes to be a leader in today’s world: Your mindset is key to unlocking positive momentum, in our daily lives for us but also for our teams, and communities, allowing us to seek the right kind of opportunities and goal-set the right way.

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Community Building: its importance and the journey through it - with Monika Kanokova

“Community-building: the journey it takes us on and its importance” – with Monika Kanokova

Community Building is essential for hospitality concepts of the future. Listen to how Monika explains what it means, what it is and how we do it. During this exceptional year, communities were the one thing that kept many sectors, and individuals, active and determined to find solutions and aim for a better tomorrow.

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Food and the Mind / Hone your gut instinct - with Rhaya Jordan

“Food and the Mind: How to hone your gut instinct through nutrition” – with Rhaya Jordan

Big advocate for not limiting yourself and enjoying food, both “good” and “bad”, Rhaya’s key message is to understand your gut and enjoy your nutritional journey! Be individualistic in your diet and refrain from restraining. Find out what nutrition and lifestyle suits you and only you throughout this second episode of the Hospitality Resilience Series.

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Mental health, wellness and creativity - with Mariana Palmeiro

“Mental health, wellbeing and creativity” – with Mariana Palmeiro

There is art in maintaining mental health and wellbeing. It is a necessity that is unfortunately overlooked in the journey of prevention from illnesses and diseases.  Mariana stresses on their importance and unveils how biohacking and the new technologies can advance and flourish in the hospitality sector, as well as enhance the guest journey, experience and reach a wide community.

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Building personal resilience and inner immunity - with Sean Worker

“Building personal resilience and inner immunity” – with Sean Worker

This one of a kind session with special guest Sean Worker marks the launch of the Hospitality Resilience Series. Sean here shares the results of his extensive research for his soon-to-be published book THE ADAPTERS examining the importance of adaptability and leadership best practice in the hospitality industry.

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The Intra-Entrepreneurship - with John Wagner

“The Intra-Entrepreneurship” – with John Wagner

John takes us on his journey in entrepreneurship and shares his learnings through his various experiences in both intrapreneurship and entreprenurship up until creating and running Cycas Hospitality, listed as one of the Best Companies to Work For.

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Podcast Wholistic Leadership - with Chris Mumford

“Wholistic Leadership” – with Chris Mumford

In this episode, Chris discusses the importance of inner immunity and resilience within hospitality leaders and why it is crucial that mental wellbeing and self-awareness are applied in personal as well as professional settings.

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Podcast The role of mentors: mentoring and being mentored - with Jonathan Langston

“The role of mentors: mentoring and being mentored” – with Jonathan Langston

In this episode, Jonathan talks about his journey as a mentor. He explains the impact a mentor can have on one’s career and which traits differentiate good mentors.

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Podcast Leadership through crisis - Part 3 - with Alphy Johnson

“Leadership through crisis” – Part 3 – with Alphy Johnson

In the third and final episode, Alphy discusses, perhaps the most shocking crisis yet, the time his compound in Riyadh was attacked by Al-Qaida. Alphy not only reveals details on how he managed his team and guests but his family too.

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Podcast Leadership through crisis - Part 2 - with Alphy Johnson

“Leadership through crisis” – Part 2 – with Alphy Johnson

In this episode, Alphy takes us to Jakarta in the midst of a financial crisis. He remained collected throughout the experience with his calm and focused approach.

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Podcast Leadership through crisis - Part 1 - with Alphy Johnson

“Leadership through crisis” – Part 1 – with Alphy Johnson

In this episode,  Alphy talks about his time during the San Francisco earthquakes and the Los Angeles riots. They are two events that are marked in history as major crisis that had significant impact on the community, the city, and the tourism sector in a way that it took time for these markets to recover and for the people to recover.

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