Strategic Project Scoping

At the bottom of all business activities, lies the requirement to understand market conditions. With our expertise,we are able to provide clients with realistic mar- ket projections based on carefully scoped market and feasibility studies.

Project Execution

Fundamental to a successful and sustai- nable concept is a robust and objective business plan. HoCoSo dares to provide clients with achievable business plans for their hotel or development project, and guidance with practical implementation. Through HoCoSo’s professional network, we are able to select the right partners to create optimum teams, for successful client project execution.

Asset Management

HoCoSo focusses on the clients strategic Hospitality Asset Management needs, such as repositioning, rebranding and re-conceptualization. Whether HoCoSo provides services to a distressed asset, a development project, or as an owner’s representative, the overall aim is to com- petitively position the asset and optimize sustainable proftability and value.

Achieve Your Business Goals