Marketing & Media Manager

Communications, Strategic Marketing, Branding, Creative Design, Content Marketing, SEO, Marketing Research, Video and Audio Editing, Digital Marketing

Rhéa leads the HoCoSo’s communication strategy, ensuring that the effective ideas, innovations and expertise of our consultants’ community are communicated effectively. A creative at heart, she also regularly develops most of our visual content and safeguards the brand’s identity.

She previously worked for Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and helped launch their insights platform. Prior to that, she successfully led commercial operations in several international territories, for more than 6 years, for one of Lebanon’s leading wineries, Château Kefraya.

Wife and mother to two young ones, she grew up and lives in Beirut, Lebanon. Our night owl loves to indulge in the local scene. In her spare time, she gives in to her passion for food, wine, some spirits and possibly some of her favorite TV series.

Rhéa holds a Masters in Marketing and Communications from the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires and ESSEC. She speaks English, French and Arabic.

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