Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of employment globally. It is absolutely critical to have well-educated graduates and well-trained management to drive the sector forward successfully.


Jonathan Humphries has been appointed as the Head of Specializations to deliver Glion’s new International Hotel Development and Finance programs.

The program was launched in early 2018 and includes the modules of Hotel Asset Management and Concept Creation. The idea of bringing two aspects of the industry together, enables students to gain creative thinking while learning how to maximize the asset’s value. Students that finish this specialization will have a complete different mindset of the industry and will be able to succeed through creative and analytical thinking.

Glion Institute of Higher Education is one of the world’s finest hospitality management schools. Founded in 1962, it has been at the forefront of Swiss hospitality business degrees. Bachelor and Master programs are offered at three campuses in Europe. Glion’s lively network boasts of over 13.600 alumni’s in over 150 countries around the world.

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The best place for learning hospitality management in China

Jonathan Humphries delivered a 40-hour tailor-made course on hotel asset management and hotel development to 90 final year bachelor students.

Beijing Hospitality Institute (BHI), established in May 2008, offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management programme of study, with the academic certification of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).  EHL designed the academic curriculum of BHI, which was approved by MOE, China.  In addition, EHL provided BHI with consulting support in the design of the BHI campus, training and development of the management and faculty of BHI, audit of teaching materials and classes.

Hospitality management is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, especially in China.

BHI’s vision is to be a leading hospitality institute in China, and in Asia.


Largest university in Switzerland

Jonathan Humphries is a repeat guest lecturer to the University of Zurich and CUREM (Center for Urban & Real Estate Management) on the subject of “Hotel Investment & Market Due Diligence”.

The University of Zurich and CUREM offer the RICS-accredited real estate programme – the Master of Advanced Studies in Real Estate. Katharine delivered a 3-hour lecture on “Hotel Markets & Investment” to over 40 mature students and professionals in the programme.

CUREM was founded in 2004 by real estate professionals and is completely focused on the real estate industry and aims to contribute towards its professionalization. From the start, CUREM has endeavored to bring international knowledge to Switzerland. This is reflected by the Swiss and European background of its teaching staff.


Established in 1981 and now celebrating 40 years of Innovating the Business of Hospitality, Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) offers students a combination of rigorous academics, liberal arts curriculum, and international experiences for the pursuit of success in lodging, restaurants, food service, and other avenues of the hospitality industry. SHA provides both Undergraduate and Master Degrees curricula, focusing on delivering Guest Experiences and Sustainable practices in Hospitality management. The school has recently broadened Hospitality to include; not only Hotels and Restaurants, but also Events, Shared Accommodations, Private Clubs, Hospitality Technology, Marketing Branding, Senior Living and more to follow.

Alphy Johnson, HoCoSo’s Managing Director Americas is a full-time lecturer at Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration.

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