Transitioning from static to dynamic leaderhsip with Patrick Ghielmetti for the Hospitality Resilience Series

In this session of the Hospitality Resilience Series, we explore what sets a static leadership style apart from a dynamic leadership style and what techniques and tactics are employed in both styles on a personal level and with our surroundings, social and corporate.

History shows Leadership has long been static and rigid. However, and as current events have proven, a static leadership style is destined to become obsolete. Now, more than ever, the structure of an organization, its strategy, culture and especially its leadership, need to be dynamic, subtle and tangible.

Our special guest on this session, Patrick Ghielmetti, explains why the two styles of leadership are so different and what impact they may have on our daily life. Using real-life examples, he sets the scene for everyone to be able to relate and use these techniques in order to embark on a journey of personal development and inner-resilience.

About our guest:
Patrick Ghielmetti, President of Ghielmetti & Associates, is a Global experiential leadership trainer and behavior-based executive coach, has experience in 35 countries as a facilitator of dynamic, transformational, experiential leadership programs. As a solution-oriented catalyst for change, he is recognized for improving bottom-line results, changing mindsets to adjust to new realities, and the ability to establish rapport and credibility with diverse groups – from C-Suite to emerging leaders.

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What we can learn from elite sport in developing our psychological resilience with Chris Bodman

“What we can learn from Elite Sport in developing Psychological Resilience” – with Chris Bodman

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Utilising mindfulness practices to improve our state of mind - with Yves Givel, for the Hospitality Resilience Series

“Utilising Mindfulness Practices to Improve our State of Mind” – with Yves Givel

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