Utilising Mindfulness Practices to Improve our State of Mind - Yves Givel for the Hospitality Resilience Series

In this session of the Hospitality Resilience Series, we explore the use of mindfulness practices to improve our state of mind. These practices aimed at exploring the matter of Adaptive Resilience are a way to help professionals get relief from #stress and #anxiety.
We are pleased to be joined by special guest Yves p. Givel.

In this highly interactive session Yves takes us on a calming and eye opening journey through the world of mindfulness by providing us simple tools to incorporate conscious living on a daily basis. There are vast benefits for embedding #mindfulness into one’s organization. These include but not are not limited to creating trust, safety, speak and share openly especially in cultures that foster creativity and innovation.

About Yves Givel:
Yves is the Senior Vice President Human Resources, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southwest Asia at Hyatt Hotels Corporation. He has worked in a variety of global human resources and talent management roles and had the opportunity to live and work in over 12 different countries around the world – namely in Europe, Africa, Middle East and the United States. Yves can also be credited for incorporating mindfulness into the business culture of Hyatt Hotels Corporation. He is a member of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and has his own website on the topic.

About the Hospitality Resilience Series:
The Covid-19 pandemic has created great upheaval in terms of how we live, how we interact and communicate, how we spend our time, and how we conduct our professional lives. Change, chaos and uncertainty have become constant companions and have forced many of us to recalibrate our purpose, our relationships, our desires and our ambitions. As the hospitality sector begins to look towards recovery, the burdens and strains on leadership continue to bring focus to the need for strengthening personal resilience and inner immunity. The Hospitality Resilience Series seeks to challenge existing mindsets, exchange personal insights, discuss practical solutions and provide a forum for shared experiences that will help build personal solutions.

A special thanks to the attendees from HIT Scotland, Springboard UK, Hotel Asset Management Association (HAMA) and Glion Institute of Higher Education.

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