Finding inner balance and focus with Marcel Reding for HoCoSo CONVERSATION

Jonathan Humphries welcomes Zen monk, Marcel Reding. He is in charge of the Honora Zen monastery in Reichenburg and the Eremita Zen temple in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.
This followed his journey which took him to Japan and South Korea for 10 years, where he trained be a monk. It culminated in a pilgrimage of 3000 miles doing a traditional alms round, as a way of thanks for his 10 years training as a zen monk.
This recording was done face-to-face, hence some surrounding noises may appear.
This conversation is very timely. We are going through one of the most unprecedented crises that we have faced in our lifetimes, the current coronavirus. As part of HoCoSo teaming up with others, we launched the Hospitality Resilience Series, which was a way of helping others, build and explore their resilience, and how to cope better with the challenges, changes and uncertain future that we all face.
Jonathan and Marcel look into how we can build resilience effectively. They will dive into:

  • The importance of balance – what it means to have one foot in chaos and one foot in order, to be alive;
  • What it means to take responsibility;
  • Why clear communication is absolutely essential;
  • The importance of goal setting and how we can become better versions of ourselves;
  • What meditation is and what it isn’t;
  • And how we can be more connected with ourselves and with others.

Join us for this enlightening conversation!

For more info:

This conversation and podcast is dedicated to Bruno Stettler.

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