Mental health, wellness and wellbeing and creativity - HoCoSo CONVERSATION - with Mariana Palmeiro

Jonathan Humphries is in discussion with Mariana Palmeiro, Wellness and Spa expert, co-founder and head of Wellness Consultant, co-founder and chief business development officer at Field LLC, on the topic of “Mental health, wellbeing, and creativity”. Her life has been devoted to wellbeing and looking after one-self in the art of prevention. She is an educator, consultant, thought leader, innovator, and entrepreneur.
Our mental health is under extreme pressure lately. During these  trying times, we need to focus on all aspects of building our inner immunity and our personal resilience.
The World Health Organization – WHO – defined, in 1948, Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 72 years on, has that been achieved? The physical health has been very developed since that statement but a lot of that has been focused on the disease . Now, we started talking about a more wholistic approach to mental and emotional health and how we need to prepare our lives to be as healthy as possible.
Technology, as well, can now assist us and the professionals and practitioners in this field to better care for ourselves and our wellbeing. Biohacking is being introduced more and more in the field to help enhance the way our body is expressing itself. The hospitality industry, being years ahead in the level of experiences that companies are putting together with their technology, can serve as the best setting for these new biohacking technologies to flourish and develop and be in contact with people. Mariana explains her role in activating her network connections and advocating for this innovation to take place and reach a wide audience and community.

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