Podcast Wholistic leadership - with Chris Mumford

Jonathan Humphries is in conversation with Chris Mumford, an expert on executive level recruitment and organizations. Chris advises the global hospitality sector in the areas of leadership and talent. He was previously a founding partner of AETHOS Consulting group and now founded and heads Cervus Leadership Consulting.

In this podcast, Jonathan and Chris talk about building resilience and inner immunity and how important it is in regards to one’s overall performance. They start off by displaying how Chris found his passion for the hospitality industry. Then develop further into how his career path, his experiences have led him to strongly believe that wellness and health are a crucial part of one’s professional life, and why everyone should apply some of these aspects to their positions in hospitality, and leadership. Chris stresses on the importance of self-awareness, of knowing oneself without the prism of any judgement on it, because, successful leadership is not about being superhuman, but about recognizing and understanding personal vulnerability and the support of one’s community.

Chris Mumford is a frequent author and speaker on human capital issues in the hospitality industry, a promoter of hospitality as a career choice and an active advocate for greater diversity in the workplace.

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Podcast Leadership through crisis - Part 1 - with Alphy Johnson

“Leadership through crisis” – Part 1 – with Alphy Johnson

In this episode,  Alphy talks about his time during the San Francisco earthquakes and the Los Angeles riots. They are two events that are marked in history as major crisis that had significant impact on the community, the city, and the tourism sector in a way that it took time for these markets to recover and for the people to recover.

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Podcast The role of mentors: mentoring and being mentored - with Jonathan Langston

The role of mentors: mentoring and being mentored – with Jonathan Langston

In this episode, Jonathan talks about his journey as a mentor. He explains the impact a mentor can have on one’s career and which traits differentiate good mentors.

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