Podcast The role of mentors: mentoring and being mentored - with Jonathan Langston

Jonathan Humphries , HoCoSo, speaks to Jonathan Langston, co-founder of HotStats, one the fastest growing tech companies in the hospitality industry, and of one of the most renowned conferences in the sector, the AHC.  In this podcast, focusing on the role of mentors and mentorship, Langston talks about his role as a mentor and what motivated him to become a mentor too. He introduces us to the great mentors he’s had and those that would still advise him, appreciating the impact they’ve had on his career. Nowadays, as the coronavirus impact on business unfolds, there is a need for guidance and leadership and the opportunity to learn from those who are solid level-headed and have experienced crises in the past, is paramount.

Jonathan Humphries describes his guest as a serial entrepreneur and inspirer. he has a mindset and attitude that is positive solutions-focused and when he senses an opportunity, he acts on it. He has a passion for development of his teams, individuals, of people within the industry and wider afield.

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Podcast Wholistic Leadership - with Chris Mumford

Wholistic leadership – with Chris Mumford

In this episode, Chris discusses the importance of inner immunity and resilience within hospitality leaders and why it is crucial that mental wellbeing and self-awareness are applied in personal as well as professional settings.

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Podcast Leadership through crisis - Part 1 - with Alphy Johnson

“Leadership through crisis” – Part 1 – with Alphy Johnson

In this episode,  Alphy talks about his time during the San Francisco earthquakes and the Los Angeles riots. They are two events that are marked in history as major crisis that had significant impact on the community, the city, and the tourism sector in a way that it took time for these markets to recover and for the people to recover.

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