Psychological Resilience - Chris Bodman for the Hospitality Resilience series

In this session of the Hospitality Resilience Series, we discover how Elite sport athletes develop their personal resilience and learn from their techniques and methods, to develop our own psychological resilience. We are pleased to be joined by special Guest Chris Bodman, Strength and Conditioning coach and Performance psychologist. He has dedicated his career to exploring ideal ways to make individuals better prepared to perform at an optimum level and help promote and enhance functioning and performance on the short and longer term. He also recently founded his consultancy LMNTARY Performance.

About the Hospitality Resilience Series:
The Covid-19 pandemic has created great upheaval in terms of how we live, how we interact and communicate, how we spend our time, and how we conduct our professional lives. Change, chaos and uncertainty have become constant companions and have forced many of us to recalibrate our purpose, our relationships, our desires and our ambitions. As the hospitality sector begins to look towards recovery, the burdens and strains on leadership continue to bring focus to the need for strengthening personal resilience and inner immunity. The Hospitality Resilience Series seeks to challenge existing mindsets, exchange personal insights, discuss practical solutions and provide a forum for shared experiences that will help build personal solutions.

Watch the full recording of this highly insightful session as Chris takes us on amazing journeys of some of his high performing athletes and sheds light on the importance of support from your team and surrounding environment(s).

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