Learnings from Resilience - Part of the Hospitality Resilience Series

Our Community of experts have gathered around the table to discuss the latest findings on Resilience and explore the many ways we can thrive as we go forward.

Join this exclusive and astounding lineup of speakers:Claudia Roth, Quantum Energy Coach and Founder Soul Luxury ; Richard Currie, Assistant Professor at Boston University; Chris Bodman, Founder LMNTARY Performance, Dr. Yves Givel, Senior HR Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Patrick Ghielmetti, Global Experiential Leadership Trainer and President Ghielmetti & associates; Pekka Pohjakallio, Executive Coach and Mentor Hintsa Performance; and Yadid Ayzenberg, previously Head of Sleep Products BOSE Corporation.

Your co-hosts Jonathan M Humphries, Chairman HoCoSo ¦-¦ Hospitality Consulting Solutions and Head of International Hotel Development and Asset Management Specialisations Glion Institute of Higher Education; Jon Hazan, General Manager and Executive Coach Atlas Events; and Chris Mumford, Founder Cervus Leadership Consulting.

The Hospitality Resilience series is an initiative aimed at challenging existing mindsets, exchanging personal insights, discussing practical solutions and provide a forum for shared experiences that will help build personal solutions.

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Finding your inner-balance and focus, on your journey to building personal resilience with Zen Monk, Marcel Reding
The future of Sleep: How to reduce stress and improve your personal performance with Yadid Ayzenberg
On adaptability and the need to change – Building personal resilience and inner immunity with Sean Worker
On honing your gut instinct and eating healthy to build up resilience with Rhaya Jordan

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