Podcast Agile Leadership with Markus Feller - HoCoSo CONVERSATION

Jonathan Humphries is in conversation with Markus Feller, discussing what it takes to be a leader of change for today and for the future.

Markus is Head of Innovation and Transformation at SV Group.
SV Group and SV Hotel are responsible for the rollout and success of  Stay Kooook which HoCoSo was involved in. The innovative hotel concept had won the Swiss Innovation Award for Hospitality, and was runner up in the Global innovation awards and just recently, the DACH Customer Experience Award in the hospitality category, and the Serviced Apartment Awards for best use of technology.

Markus leads various initiatives in SV Group, taking the business on a transformation journey for the future.
Given the challenges the hospitality industry faces today, leaders must reinvent themselves, adapt, cope and build resilience for themselves and their teams.

Jonathan and Markus explore the topic of Agile Leadership and what it takes for teams and organizations to be agile, and do agile:

  • What agile thinking is really like?
  •  How it is to have an agile mindset?
  • What it means to do agile, in terms of behavior and approach?

In this conversation, they also refer to:

Join us for this enlightening conversation!
Follow our journey and our discussion with some of the most renowned and influential people of our time.

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