Stoicism : The makings of a modern leader - Mark Hardie for HoCoSo CONVERSATION

Jonathan Humphries is in conversation with Mark Hardie, Founder of Decision Point Ltd UK.
Mark has had an incredible professional life in the military. He started in the Royal Marines in 1998 where he earned his green beret, and spent the next 8 years in Operational Commando units in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and other places.
In this conversation, Mark reveals the challenges he faced in one of his toughest assignments as Lead Officer for the repatriation of fatalities, from a professional, and personal and emotional point of view. It was during this time, that he realized the importance of competent ethical leadership and discovered Stoicism. In 2010, he was awarded the MBE for his support to families of fallen marines.  Mark is an executive coach, a mindfulness trainer and he’s involved in all aspects of Leadership and decision-making,
Find out how helpful Stoicism can be  in leadership and decision-making:

  • It embraces principles of what we have within our control and what is outside of our control.
  • It’s around dealing with matters like certainty versus uncertainty
  • Differentiating between what is complicated and what is complex.

These aspects all help us in framing our thinking in challenging and demanding times.

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