HoCoSo CONVERSATION - Food and Mind / Hone your gut instinct - with Rhaya Jordan

Jonathan Humphries, Chris Mumford and Jon Hazan  are joined by Rhaya Jordan, nutritional consultant, as they explore the topic of honing your gut instinct in achieving inner immunity and personal resilience.
Big advocate for not limiting yourself and enjoying food, both “good” and “bad”, Rhaya’s key message is to understand your gut and enjoy your nutritional journey! Throughout this second episode of the Hospitality Resilience Series, Rhaya touches upon many topics with a key message of individualism in diet and refraining from restraining.
After an introduction into wholistic leadership by Chris, Rhaya immediately delves into the impact nutrition has on our mental wellbeing and its relation back to our gut. Through real-life examples, Rhaya demonstrates the immediate effects we face on a daily basis through poor nutritional choices, yet if we understand our bodies, easy adjustments can be made, consequently improving productivity and mental health. Continuing on, the hosts seek to further understand our gut’s importance, responsible for 90% of serotonin production and “the open fire” or source of contentment as described by Rhaya. In order to achieve this positive state of being through diet, Rhaya poses easily implementable actions to ultimately, find what works best for each individual and get curious. Besides trying out different foods, meal times and even fasting schemes, Rhaya offers various tips to reduce comfort-eating, subsequently reducing over-eating. In the session, food addiction also popped up and the impact of trigger foods on this.

About Rhaya: Rhaya studied Naturopathy in her hometown Sydney Australia in the early 80s and has continued to work in natural health, specifically nutrition since. She has a special interest in sustainability, working with sustainable food movements particularly through her work as Nutrition Consultant to Daylesford Organics. She was part of the team that wrote the first BSc in Nutrition Therapy at the University of Westminster where she taught at both under and post grad levels for nearly a decade and then later at the Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. Like many others, she has moved her private practice online, she continues to consult for Daylesford and other clients and continues her fascination with food, and especially the interplay between food and psychology.

Watch the recording for this session here.

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