HoCoSo CONVERSATION - Live your life intentionally - with Claudia Roth

Jonathan Humphries , Chris Mumford and Jon Hazan are joined by Claudia Roth, Quantum Energy Coach and Founder of Soul Luxury as they explore the topic of self-awareness, mindfulness and meditation; How important it is to allow ourselves to self-reflect and develop good habits in order to live our lives with intent and purpose. Meditation being a tool to to view our thoughts more clearly, not forget about them, is essential. And meditation is personal, everyone has their own way.
Throughout this third episode of the Hospitality Resilience Series, Claudia touches upon many topics with a key message of self-awareness. After an introduction to Claudia’s career by Chris, she immediately delves into her transition from high flying hospitality executive to Quantum Energy Coach. As a business executive, Claudia sought to reinforce the self-image she had created on what success meant. The turning point seemed to be waking up in the Ritz in Paris with her Blackberry imprint on her face. In her own words “life outside had moved, but Claudia hadn’t”. To go through a journey of personal transformation one needs to learn to live a more intentional life.
Chris, Jonathan, Jon, and Claudia discuss in length how meditation helps facilitate intentional living and how that helps with transformations. Meditation doesn’t only come in the form of silence and yoga mats, but Claudia outlines the way individuals find inner peace through the strong day to day habits such as exercise or a brief walk. Finally, she outlines that community can help individuals with this daunting task by sharing compassion and creates a safe space for their journey.

About Claudia:
Claudia Roth is the founder of Soul Luxury specialising in the area of personal growth & transformation and healing hospitality. She draws on her extensive experience as a global executive in luxury hospitality combined with a lifelong interest in how our energy field influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions impact our lives. She works with individuals as a Quantum Energy Coach, facilitates retreats and offers personal change programmes.
Claudia runs a global community which – at its heart – holds conversations exploring a future based on a new and deeper understanding of self.
She published her first book “A guided journal to Self Love” which is part of a series to self-empowerment from the heart.

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