How does agile operations inspire and create purpose for employees in the hospitality industry - a case study for HoCoSo CONVERSATION with Jochen Renz

Jonathan Humphries, your host, is in conversation with Jochen Renz. Given the challenges in the hospitality industry around recruitment, retainment, compensation and operating efficiencies, following two years of pandemic related challenges, in this podcast, we showcase a hotel which is operating in an agile way. This discussion is a case study on how it is possible to thing, lead, manage and respond in a post-covid world with constant uncertainty.

How can we better engage our employees in operational effectiveness and deliver a higher quality customer experience?

When this podcast was recorded, Jochen Renz was yet Multi Property Regional Manager for SV Group in the Zurich Area, including the 252-room Renaissance Zurich Tower, on which this case study is based. After this recording was made, Jochen has taken on a new position as AI Vice President Operations Switzerland & Southern Germany at Accor.

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