Community Building - HoCoSo CONVERSATION - with Monika Kanokova

Jonathan Humphries is in conversation with Monika Kanokova, author, entrepreneur, community strategist and lifelong believer in the power of communities. This is the final episode of 2020, marking the end of the year HoCoSo labelled as the “Year of Community“, back in January. This year, more than ever, the power, significance and importance of communities was revealed.
In this podcast episode, we will come to understand why hospitality concepts of the future must take into consideration community building: what it means, what it is and how we do it. Humphries states “ultimately, we don’t have to ask for permission anymore” because, according to Kanokova, access to information and access to people has never been so in reach, as it is today. So you must grab the opportunity, believe in your purpose and your values and be determined. You can be creative in your own way if you break the self-critique obstacle and let that inner-creativity express itself, in order to build self-confidence. So use your time wisely because time is precious, and time spent building and maintaining connections has proven to be beneficial in the long run.
There are solutions to be found and it is through collaboration and positivity that that will be achieved. There lays the power and importance of community.

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