Coping with Uncertainty - How to feel safe and secure with Claudia Roth - HoCoSo CONVERSATION

Jonathan Humphries is in conversation with Claudia Roth.

Claudia is a Quantum Energy Coach, guiding senior executives to tap into their power within themselves and their intuition. She is the founder of Soul Luxury specializing in the area of personal growth and transformation and healing hospitality, and the co-founder of HEALING SUMMIT. She is the author 2 books I AM EVERY WOMAN, a collection of extraordinary life journeys and a journal dedicated to cultivating Self Love.

In part 1 of this conversation, we explore how we can create a sense of safety and security within ourselves in a world full of chaos and unpredictability. We also discuss the importance of awareness and how inner-balance makes room for new thought patterns and opportunities.

Discover the essence of who you are and learn more about exploring deep connections with yourself.

Join us for this enlightening conversation! Follow our journey and our discussion with some of the most renowned and influential people of our time.


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