Implement good habits

Cultivate a calm state of mind to better cope with challenges ahead for yourself and your team.

In our previous sessions  for the Hospitality Resilience Series

Hospitality Resilience Series on Wellbeing with Pekka Pohjakallio
Hospitality Resilience Series on Performance with Chris Bodman
Hospitality Resilience Series on Adaptability with Sean Worker
Hospitality Resilience Series on Intentional Living with Claudia Roth
Hospitality Resilience Series on Embracing Uncertainty with Bruce Harkness
Hospitality Resilience Series on Mindfulness with Yves Givel
Hospitality Resilience Series on Dynamic Leadership with Patrick Ghielmetti
Hospitality Resilience Series on Sleep with Yadid Ayzenberg
Hospitality Resilience Series on Nutrition with Rhaya Jordan

More mind-related content from HoCoSo

HoCoSo CONVERSATION - Stoicism: The Makings of a Modern Leader - with Mark Hardie

Mark Hardie takes us on his journey of discovery of stoicism and reveals how useful its application can be for leaders and in decision-making, when facing a challenging and difficult situation(s).

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HoCoSo CONVERSATION Inner balance and focus with Marcel Reding

Jonathan speaks to Zen Monk Marcel Reding about how we can build inner resilience effectively. They explore meditation, inner -balance, responsibility, goal-setting, connection and how we can become better versions of ourselves.

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Personal Transformation - HoCoSo CONVERSATION - with Simone Gibertoni

Simone talks about what it takes to be a leader in today’s world: Your mindset is key to unlocking positive momentum, in our daily lives for us but also for our teams, and communities, allowing us to seek the right kind of opportunities and goal-set the right way.

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HoCoSo CONVERSATION - The Intra-Entrepreneurship - with John Wagner

John takes us on his journey in entrepreneurship and shares his learnings through his various experiences in both intrapreneurship and entreprenurship up until creating and running Cycas Hospitality, listed as one of the Best Companies to Work For.

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podcast Wholistic Leadership with Chris Mumford

Chris discusses the importance of inner immunity and resilience within hospitality leaders and why it is crucial that mental wellbeing and self-awareness are applied in personal as well as professional settings.

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HoCoSo CONVERSATION - Leadership Through Crises - Part 2

Alphy takes us to Jakarta in the midst of a financial crisis. He remained collected throughout the experience with his calm and focused approach.

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The role of mentors: mentoring and being mentored - with Jonathan Langston

Jonathan talks about his journey as a mentor. He explains the impact a mentor can have on one’s career and which traits differentiate good mentors.

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Leadership and ‘localization’ – how hospitality can emerge from the COVID-19 crisis - Glion - Jonathan Humphries interview - HoCoSo
Coronavirus and the hotel industry: Do the best you can in these trying times

Meet the people behind it all

Jonathan Humphries for the Hospitality Resilience Series
Jon Hazan for the Hospitality Resilience Series

Jon Hazan

Executive Coach, Atlas Coaching

Chris Mumford for the Hospitality Resilience Series

Chris Mumford

Founder, Cervus Leadership Consulting

The Hospitality Resilience Series is a combination of online events, discussions, and insights aimed at helping build personal resilience and inner immunity within hospitality professionals.

Throughout this series we will challenge existing mindsets, exchange personal insights, discuss practical solutions and provide a forum for shared experiences that will help build personal solutions.

The hospitality sector is currently enduring huge adversity and is faced with a long challenging road ahead. This environment is placing new burdens and strains on leadership and bringing the need for personal resilience and inner immunity into sharp focus.

In November 2020, we launched the Hospitality Resilience Series as we were looking to inspire and help build resilience and inner immunity for the hospitality, travel and tourism sector professionals.

Nine sessions later, we close SEASON 1 of this wonderful journey and have started planning for SEASON 2.

During this first season, we explored the many aspects of resilience like nutrition, adaptability, intention living, performance, mindfulness, the importance of sleep, and finally wellness.

All of our previous sessions are available in the form of replays, podcasts and articles.HAVE A LOOK


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