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“Utilising mindfulness practices to improve our state of mind”

The practice of mindfulness has gained widespread popularity over the past 15-20 years as individuals and organisations have recognized the benefits of living and acting with greater awareness and presence. Becoming more aware of our internal state and external environment helps us be more attentive, more creative, compassionate, more resilient and less anxious.

Yves Givel, Senior Vice President Human Resources – Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southwest Asia at Hyatt Hotels Corporation, has experienced first-hand the positive benefits of mindfulness both for himself as well as for his organization. A certified teacher with the Search inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Yves has successfully integrated mindfulness into the Hyatt leadership model and organisational culture.

We were delighted to welcome Yves as a guest on our most recent Hospitality Resilience Series session in which he led us through a mindfulness practice and helped us explore the topic of Adaptive Resilience.

As the hospitality sector begins to look towards recovery, the burdens and strains on leadership continue to bring focus to the need for strengthening personal resilience and inner immunity. The Hospitality Resilience Series seeks to challenge existing mindsets, exchange personal insights, discuss practical solutions and provide a forum for shared experiences that will help build personal solutions.

Dr. Yves Givel for the Hospitality Resilience Series

Special Guest

Dr. Yves Givel

Senior Vice President

Human Resources, Europe, Africa, Middle East

& Southwest Asia

Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Certified Teacher with the

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

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