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HoCoSo Connect - Together we are better - Finding solutions

During this period of recovery, we are discussing best practices and solutions to prepare the hospitality community and economies find opportunities.

HoCoSo CONNECT is an initiative, by HoCoSo, for the hospitality sector, aimed at collaboration, unity and support to drive our focus on opportunity, to work on solutions, to identify best practices, and to support each other.

Setting the pace for the future of hospitality

We anticipate this next chapter in the history of hospitality to be: one of discovery; of finding new ways to establish our industry on a dramatically more sustainable footing; of catching the wave of opportunity to innovate; of utilising technology effectively; and of nurturing our industry’s most valuable asset – people.

Anchored on our recent article on recovery, HoCoSo CONNECT is back with a five programme series.

Our upcoming discussion will focus on

Operational Excellence

How to best manage your team(s) in the new normal

We are delighted to bring together a group of industry professionals, each of whom brings a valuable perspective to the discussion (please note this is not a webinar / presentation).

We are inviting senior executives focused in the field of hospitality, to actively engage with us in this lively discussion.

>> For more info, please visit HoCoSo CONNECT

The Hospitality Resilience Series

The Hospitality Resilience Series is a combination of online events, insights and discussions aimed at helping build your personal resilience and inner immunity.

The hospitality sector is currently enduring huge adversity and is faced with a long challenging road ahead. This environment is placing new burdens and strains on leadership and bringing the need for personal resilience and inner immunity into sharp focus. Throughout this series we will challenge existing mindsets, exchange personal insights, discuss practical solutions and provide a forum for shared experiences that will help build personal solutions.





The CONVERSATION is a podcast channel hosted by Jonathan Humphries, Chairman of HoCoSo, encouraging the discussion with thought leaders from around the globe, for the hospitality industry.

Listen to Recent Episodes:

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