Are you interested in developing yourself within an inspirational company, but also a dedicated team? Then, you have arrived at the right place. HoCoSo unites brilliant minds with great ambitions, and bring amazing things to life.


My name is Léa Iacazzi. I am a 24-year-old graduate of Hotelschool The Hague in Amsterdam. In the course of my studies, I was required to do an internship in management at an international company. HoCoSo was an inevitable choice for me not only because it is a fast-growing organization, but also because it is a company strongly committed to its clients and team which goes hand in hand with my mindset. My internship and early career at HoCoSo have been among the most challenging, rewarding and motivating professional and personal experiences of my life. From a Hotel Analyst and Media Intern to a Concept Development Coordinator, I have had the unique opportunity to work on challenging yet exciting projects; and to work alongside encouraging people.

Great collaboration starts with the right people - Lea Iacazzi for HoCoSoFirst and foremost, you’re probably wondering Who is HoCoSo? Hospitality Consulting Solutions represents a talented network of individuals who collaborate with their clients to achieve high impact value, through future-proofed solutions, for the hospitality real estate, travel and tourism sectors. HoCoSo is specialized in Product & Concept Creation, Asset Management, Hospitality Education Development and much more…

But allow me to reveal to you, Who is really HoCoSo? Hospitality Consulting Solutions, an internationally connected team, represents thoughtful, knowledgeable and generous people who work together to improve each other’s strengths, skills and careers. HoCoSo brings attentive and experienced experts who challenge the status-quo, exchange unstintingly personal insights, discuss practical solutions and provide constant support. They continuously innovate, question and create new solutions to enhance the value of companies and empower them.

Want to know a surprising fact about my internship? 

Great collaboration starts with the right people - Lea Iacazzi for HoCoSoI had the opportunity to travel while learning and growing professionally. HoCoSo has been working remotely for the past five years. Our team members are geographically distant: located in Zurich, London, Geneva, Bruxelles, Chicago, Portland and Beirut, but constantly connected and available for each other. This is an exceptional work model adapting to the modern age and the needs for work-life balance. I also call it freedom: you can set up your office wherever you want, at the top of the mountains or next to the sea. It provided me with the enriching and valuable chance to work from Amsterdam (NL), Thonon (FR), Bruxelles (BL), Geneva (CH), London (UK) and Florence (IT). Working remotely reinforced my sense of responsibility, commitment and planning while allowing me to venture and get to know new cultures and landscapes.

As a Hotel Analyst and Media Intern, I was given a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities proposed within the organization. It significantly enhanced not only my analytical skills but also my creative and interpersonal skills.

Analytical skills; I conducted numerous desk research across different markets, analysed financial information, economic data and trends for all HoCoSo initiatives. Great collaboration starts with the right people - Lea Iacazzi for HoCoSoIt led to accurate, to-the-point and visually attractive proposals for clients’ projects.

Creative skills; I supported the Marketing Manager with all social media channels, creating content and reorganizing and optimising the website.

Interpersonal skills; not to forget, I was being involved and my point of view considered during decision-making processes related to proposed concepts, marketing strategies and within client workshops.

One of the many highlights of my internship included being part of the Hospitality Resilience Series, a combination of online events, discussions and insights aimed at helping build personal resilience and inner immunity. The COVID-19 worldwide outbreak could have been a source of unexpected stress and adversity for many people. Listening to and working alongside experts specialized in sleep, nutrition, performance, transformational leadership and much more helped me get through and overcome hardships. HoCoSo is not only about business but also well-being.

All of the above mentioned demonstrates that this internship touched upon numerous topics and skills that are necessary for shaping today’s industry landscape.Great collaboration starts with the right people - Lea Iacazzi for HoCoSo At HoCoSo no days are alike. Every day was a challenge allowing me to grow as an enthusiastic and respectful collaborator and team member. It has emphasized my personal drive, willingness to learn and adaptability to work in a rapidly changing environment.

My experience at HoCoSo taught me how to communicate a message across individuals and work efficiently within diverse groups. It also aroused my sense of curiosity allowing me to easily connect with people. Most importantly, HoCoSo’s team taught me how important it is to follow your passion. As follows, I applied and have been accepted for a Master in Business Administration in Sustainability Management at the Sustainable Management School (SUMAS). A path I was too intimidated to follow before gaining experience and being supported by HoCoSo.

HoCoSo transformed me for the best: full of enthusiasm and ready to play a significant role in today’s business world. Are you interested to learn more about my internship or our company? Contact me at or find me on LinkedIn.

About HoCoSo

HoCoSo are advisors with a difference.

We create tailor-made and innovative solutions for clients’ hospitality-led projects by bringing together the optimum team of sector specialists.

Jonathan Humphries, Chairman and Owner of HoCoSo, and his direct team specialize in the extended-stay, co-living, and hotel-alternatives hospitality market; luxury, lifestyle and boutique hotels; and resort developments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Our strengths lie in the following core services:

During the covid19 crisis, HoCoSo launched HoCoSo CONNECT, an initiative aimed at bringing the industry together to brainstorm and collaborate; HoCoSo CONVERSATION, a podcast channel encouraging the discussion with thought leaders from around the globe, for the hospitality industry; and, in collaboration with Atlas Coaching and Cervus Leadership Consulting, we also launched the Hospitality Resilience Series , a combination of online events, insights and discussions aimed at helping build your personal resilience and inner immunity.