Project Description

Louis XIII

Louis XIII was being developed as a ultra-luxury Casino hotel in Macau, by an ultra-high net worth individual from Hong Kong.  The brief was to prepare the hospitality operation to receive and amaze the most discerning Guests from around the world, and particularly China.

Alphy Johnson worked with the client to create the most luxurious and expensive casino and hotel in the world and attract more geographically diverse to Macau SAR, exposure international luxury hotel standards to Macau, and training Macau staff to these standards.

In order to save construction time, the construction started going up before the basement levels were excavated.  This added an additional level of complexity, and cost, to an already complex and costly project. The golden Archangel was designed to be the centrepiece of the exposed atrium area. The Chairman wanted to dramatize the sculpture by having its eyes appear to emit red laser beams.

The most challenging aspect of the project was the long-delayed opening due to the very high level of detail and perfection required by the Chairman, and ultimately not being able to obtain a casino license which ultimately led to indefinite delay of the project.

The project to date has not fully opened due to the lack of a casino license, and lack of demand for an ultra-luxury hotel in Macau that did not feature gaming as its primary attraction. The building, was complete, the furnishing were being installed, the staff was hired, uniforms delivered, Rolls Royces delivered, menus tested, kitchens fired up, largest green-wall in the world installed, fire inspection passed but there was no license to operate.

“Working with a highly creative ultra-high net worth individual who was willing to spend to ensure excellence, whether in people, product, or experience.  This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have direct access to the Chairman. Another example of the Chairman’s involvement, he wanted to order 30 custom made Rolls-Royce long-wheelbase Phantom motor cars, plus two with gold trim.  We ensured that all the specification details were met, worked closely with Rolls Royce representatives, arranged payment schedule and funds transfers, negotiated favourable warranty terms, shipment and warehousing. The Chairman also directed us to recruit and hire 10 Butlers, uniform them, provide them with training by a Princess in Paris and make a broadcast quality video of their journey.” Alphy Johnson, Managing Director Americas.

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