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Stay Kooook

Stay KooooK is a development by SV Hotel. This temporary home is aimed at guests, looking for a practical place to stay for a longer period of time or for a shorter city trips. HoCoSo joined the process to develop a new extended-stay product for SV Group.

HoCoSo was heavily involved in the earlier stages of the concept development, and facilitated the crucial stages of consumer and market research, and organised and facilitated several product field trips to experience the latest trends and innovations in the sector for SV group and its partners. HoCoSo advised during the selection of architects and other partners and played a crucial role during the concept development, business planning, and finally the prototype testing.

The outcome of this exciting journey is Stay Kooook, the new star in the extended-stay sector winner of the Hotel Innovation Award 2019. By providing the client with the crucial customer and market research HoCoSo was able to ensure buy-in for all stakeholders involved. Now, the first project has already opened its doors to Bern Wankdorf (Switzerland) with three more openings in Nürnberg (Germany), Leipzig City (Germany), and Bern City (Switzerland) in 2022.

Stay KooooK revolutionizes the aparthotel sector by offering its guests maximum flexibility through a modular room concept, fitted into a micro-apartment. It is the answer to the modern travel and accommodation needs in the digital age, where work and private life are merging. The new concept aims to combine the cozy atmosphere of a sharing solution without neglecting the reliable service of a hotel. Intelligent room design creates living space and flexibility that adapts to the lifestyle of the guests for them to feel just as at home. Stay Kooook is a flexible and functional concept that can be a residence, living and open space at the same time. It offers fully furnished studios that provide the conveniences of modern accommodation in an area of around 22 square meters.

“By doing primary research with focus groups, prototype creation and iteration, mockup and product launching we were able to convince both the board and advisory board of the Stay Kooook concept Since then the collaboration between HoCoSo and SV Group/Stay Kooook has only blossomed. We have worked together on their European expansion plan as well as their digital customer journey.” Jonathan Humphries, Chairman HoCoSo

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