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Location: International

Field(s): Concept Development; Consulting

Tags: HoCoSo; Hospitality concept development Europe; Hospitality Consulting; Hotel Consulting Europe; Hotel Development; Education ; Concept Creation

My Heya

Heya is a next generation hotel concept created for the guest of tomorrow – a concept that HoCoSo created in collaboration with architects Reardon Smith, branding agency Delight, various designers and Generation Z (GenZ). We designed a room that offers a new level of personalisation. This was an opportunity to re-set the boundaries of hotel design, experience and versatility in a way that would appeal to investors and operators alike.

HoCoSo undertook primary research with focus groups; and collaborated on prototype creation and iteration, full branding and the launch of a social media presence.

The team oversaw the crucial stages of consumer and market research with a GenZ team from Glion Institute of Higher Education and Hotel School The Hague. Through this we were able to articulate the fundamental elements of the brand and its USPs from a consumer perspective. This formed the basis of our architectural brief, which ReardonSmith Architects and their interiors and lighting advisors interpreted to create the room products. The final stage was to work with branding Agency Delight, to create a product that reflected the essence of the brand. The result was Heya (meaning “Room” in Japanese), which was launched at the Sleep+Eat design conference 2020. The greatest challenge was to change from creating a physical prototype to a virtual one in the middle of a global pandemic. But we did it!

“We like working in teams with specialists from different disciplines. As concept creators and educators, we were particularly delighted to bring a group of motivated students onto the team from Glion Institute of Higher Education and Hotel School the Hague. We are also big fans of SMEs, so it was great to work with ReardonSmith Architects, brand agency Delight and interiors agency Suited.” Katharine Le Quesne, Managing Director, HoCoSo

Heya is a hotel brand with a difference – it is a hotel room with exceptional versatility, enabling guests to personalise their in-room stay in an unprecedented way. Come and visit ….

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