This article was first published in Just Breathe the mag – a magazine by HEALING HOTELS OF THE WORLD – on January 12th, 2021.


We are living in a world which is currently seeing major societal change. It is a defining time in history, of paradigm shifts. Humanity is being called to move into a new consciousness, to create a new sense of self-awareness, and new ways of being in the world. But what does that mean for us, practically? And what are the choices that we face making now?

We are no longer in the status quo of before the pandemic. Rather, we find ourselves in a place called “Never-been-here-before”. I am sure many agree that suddenly the future is much more unknown.

Inner growth - self awareness for 2021Guided to Grow

More than one friend has told me, “I am not the same as before”. B.C. could now stand for Before Corona. Then, if there is an intelligent force at play, could it be that the current situation is as it is to bring about transformation in people and society?

I believe that we are being guided to grow, exponentially. It is no longer OK to go slow in terms of inner growth. Not if we want to evolve and move into higher states of consciousness.

It can all feel overwhelming, and many seek new road maps to help. The objective? To attune oneself to cope and thrive during these trying times. If you didn’t find the year 2020 and the lockdowns trying, congratulations, you’re most probably “on track” (in the trackless land), but I guess most can do with some guidance.

Self-Awareness is all About Alignment – Personal & Business

I see that by aligning with the higher and inner self – that part in you that intuitively knows best – one will also be aligned with the major shift occurring, with the new world that wants to emerge. Long established industries fight for survival whilst new ones find manifestation, growing and expanding.

There is one industry that is seeing exponential growth, it is the wellbeing/healing (hospitality) industry. “The world is in a healing crisis. People feel disconnected and are looking for help to feel whole and complete”, says Anne Biging, founder of Healing Hotels of the World.

“It would be wrong to think that it is only the ‘wellbeing’ and ‘healing’ labelled companies and industries that are aligning with human centric values and practice”, says Anni Hood, Chief Executive of Well Intelligence. It demonstrates that this conscious alignment revolution relates to the fundamentals of how we do things – how we choose to live personally and also in business practice; systems, structure and processes, how problems are diminished, effective solutions delivered, and responsive ethos integrated.

So, what do I Mean by Alignment?

Think of a compass needle within. After some trembling it settles on remembering who I am. It is all to do with understanding oneself and much less to do with what others think.

What the Work Entails

Self - awareness, friend of 2021Don’t be fooled. This is all to do with sincerity and “work”. And it will not suffice to think positive thoughts only and to think into being the glorious version of oneself. Uh-uh. Part of this work is to take a really good look inside. What are my insecurities? Do I lack self-worth? Why is that? Do I judge myself too harshly? Do I love myself enough to feel worthy of my own gifts?

As we start to understand that each of us is asked to walk a path never travelled before, we also understand that there is no blueprint. At a time of major confusion and turmoil, what is the value of looking to others for guidance? Letting go of the notion that others can tell us what to do, we can enter into a new relationship with our self-awareness.

Dedicating oneself to this journey of self-empowerment, we will have to make some effort. But rather than following others, let this be driven by your own inner longing. Trust that if you continue according to the advice of your own consciousness, truly, you will be in line with the highest plan for humanity at large.

“Pathways to self-awareness often come with the willingness to forgive our self and others. Shedding old expectations and remaining fluid in the absence of knowingness are deeply healing steps that increase our personal agency to better cope, adapt and take better care of our hearts, minds, and community ” says Mia A. Mackman, Founder & CEO of, a spa & wellness consultancy based in Arizona.

If You Only Commit to Making One Change Now

If it all seems overwhelming and you still feel unable to grasp what exactly you can do, make a habit of noticing who is taking your decisions. Is it the love or is it the fear in you? Are you acting out of insecurity or plain old habits, or are you coming from a place of feeling empowered?

Ask yourself this question whenever you have a choice to make. We tend to face many choices every day, and one could rightly argue that each decision counts more than ever these days.

When so much is at stake, make sure that each decision you make is made with true self-awareness – feel into your consciousness.

To understand how to make conscious choices, accept that it has less to do with the thinking mind than with the feeling heart. The fruitful journey ahead will much depend on your capacity to be aware of your own emotions and on allowing insights to inspire you. This is the shift. Trust it.

The Shift is Inner & Outer Intertwined

It will help to look at the process as an opening up to a positive current. Trust that as you are seeking answers to how to live life, you are simply responding to newborn energies. It has everything to do with exploring and learning, but not in the old ways.

Whereas in the past importance was mainly given to outward action, and it was assumed that one would use one’s thinking mind to find solutions, today it is clear that we are so much more than that. Those who had forgotten that they’re more than their minds, and yet are somewhat aligned, will feel the nudge to go deeper.

Intuition - self awareness 2021

Moving into the Age of Aquarius, we are reminded to return to our hearts. Rest in your heart, aware of your precious presence, and I am sure that you’ll be able to make out some kind of path ahead. Empowered to make correct choices, sure, do consider that “doing” is still relevant. I am not telling you to sit in silent meditation for years to come, I am just suggesting that you take a moment and feel what is moving in your heart of hearts. Ever sensitive to the larger movements, it is there to guide you if you allow it.

In the B.C. status quo one would act based on past experience, relying on the outcomes observed. But that past was guided by ego and competition, and geared towards gaining and accumulating material wealth. Those days are gone. If there is one message of this day, as we enter into a new era, it is that it is time to return to who we truly are. Greed made its inroads as we lost our innate connection to nature and to ourselves. Mother Earth no longer accepts this mode of being. 

What is Self-Reflection?

As a human race we are conditioned to focus on outside circumstances, situations and people. Pay attention. We all tend to instantly judge others as we meet them. And we also put ourselves down, often comparing ourselves with others with the intention to boost ourselves to “do better”.

But how much time do we waste on this kind of behaviour when it is better spent peeping into our own self-awareness, your own treasure box instead? Reflect on yourself, and your self will reflect back all the splendour you are seeking.

self -reflection - self awareness your friend in 2021Self reflection can take place at any moment. And it can become such a habit that you are always aware of what your deepest true motive is in any situation. Stay open to meeting people who can support you in this work, in real life or online. I had the good fortune to meet a man in the Auroville forest who held up a mirror before my face, and asked, “Is this who you are?”

This simple and yet profound action in the spiritual community in the south of India, by now recognised as my soul home, told me that I was living a superficial life. He didn’t tell me that. I saw it, although I was not yet able to grasp it fully.

Actually, my ego fought the insight tooth and nail for quite some time. My illusory sense of self felt threatened. It was desperately holding on to its much pampered and proud idea of myself, who I was. But as I looked into the mirror, that was not the “Claudia” staring back at me, it was someone much vaster. And trust me – if it can happen to me, the ever-striving executive, it can happen to you.


My top 5 Tips for Getting Started:

  • Make stillness your friend. I have written extensively about meditation but it can also be as simple as taking 5 minutes when you wake up and 5 minutes before you sleep to be aware of your breath and the thoughts that seem to pop into and move through your head.
  • Gift yourself a beautiful journal. Journaling helps give structure to allow for free flow writing and contemplation. Making a daily appointment with yourself is a way to honour your longing to get to know yourself more intimately. All you have to do is get a journal, guided or not, and to remain both committed and open and curious.
  • Most of us are good at cleaning our homes, sorting through drawers and rearranging wardrobes. Many also fast on a regular basis, aware of how good it makes us feel to cleanse our bodies. And yet we rarely (if at all) cleanse our minds of stagnant old beliefs and thus miss the chance to get rid of outdated habits. But if we don’t sometimes clear out old beliefs and make way for new, fresh habits, nothing will truly change, which is why I want to invite you to register for my Emotional Wellbeing Inner Cleanse 2021.
  • Make nature your cradle. Try to be present and connected to the earth, the trees, the flowers, the birds and so on as much as you can. Allow Mother Earth to talk to you. She has long whispered, but she is stepping it up a level, right now. Can you hear the call? This is healing of the highest order.
  • Once you have opened your own inner treasure box of love, joy and wisdom you may want to be connected to a community; in real life or online. Connecting to other people who share your values and your aspiration to flow with the seemingly chaotic times will only support your practice. In Buddhism it is called a Sangha. Today it can be a congregation of people who question the status quo or who are exploring who they truly are. Feel free to check out my Quantum Meditation community and to see if it is a fit for you.

mindfulness - self-awareness friend of 2021

Let the choices you make in life align to your inner awareness and consciousness. The more you align your choices and actions with what is moving inside, the more you will be able to live your full potential. Learn to stand in your own greatness. Doing so will allow your light to shine and empower humanity.

Shift into the higher frequency – that of love, light & compassion.
Allow it to guide you in the New Year ahead.
Happy 2021, Soul Tribe!

This article is part of a 4-part mini-series and the next article in this mini-series focuses on being in your own presence, in your own heart. I aim to help you deepen your space for self-reflection and self-awareness and discover a new level of peace and inner guidance.

Until then, self reflect and be aware of how you feel; make the choice to feel empowered.



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