Hospitality concept development internship with HoCoSo

Inspiring and fulfilling internships are hard to come by.  I always longed to work for an organization that actively participates in shaping the future. HoCoSo does that by developing innovative concepts and products for the hospitality industry, with the aim to bring benefit to all its stakeholders.

This internship enabled me to experience consultancy and development projects with direct involvement. I was able to be around and contribute to elaboration processes, got the chance to participate in client workshops and represent HoCoSo at international conferences and events.

The unique industry exposure was exhilarated through a close mentorship by the HoCoSo team. The team’s diversified expertise, ranging from extended-stay, lifestyle to resort developments, enabled me to obtain a theoretical skillset and amplified my knowledge about the different sectors within the industry.

HoCoSo responds to its social responsibility by actively participating in the education of future hospitality generations. Next to offering this internship position, HoCoSo creates innovative course modules for academic hospitality institutions that help to drive the sector forward.

HoCoSo hotels internship team

Six months have passed since and I can look back to a stimulating,yet challenging experience. The team of industry leaders cultivates a personal and dynamic company culture, which I perceived as an inspiring and positive environment to grow in.

I would like to thank the entire team behind HoCoSo and especially Lana Zhang and Jonathan Humphries for this opportunity, which has been an impactful career step. With full excitement I look forward to working with HoCoSo in future.

By Kilian Vollbach

Kilian studied at Hotelschool The Hague, where he is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. With HoCoSo he will be involved in product & concept development projects, research analyses and support HoCoSo’s communication and media representation.


About HoCoSo

Swiss-based HoCoSo stands for Hospitality Consulting Solutions and brings together teams of global experts to create tailor-made solutions for client projects. Jonathan Humphries, Chairman and Owner of HoCoSo and his direct team share over 50 years of experience and specialize in the extended stay hospitality market, the boutique sector and resort developments in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Innovative and future-oriented approaches are created for all of our clients within the following three fields of services:

  • Product & Concept creation, for portfolio- & individual project developments.
  • Strategic Project Scoping, Execution & Asset Management, with a focus on strategic business planning, partner selection, market & financial feasibility studies.
  • Hospitality Education for students, companies, and hospitality/academic institutions, with a focus on course development, training & teaching innovation.

Jonathan Humphries is the Chairman and Owner of HoCoSo. He brings together teams of global experts to suit a client’s needs.

Jonathan Humphries has almost twenty years’ experience in the hotel and real estate sectors.  For the last eleven years he covered EMEA region, supporting the expansion of Marriott International’s fifteen brands. He brought a tailor-made extended-stay Residence Inn by Marriott concept to Europe in 2008. He has been engaged on major acquisitions, renovations, extensions, re-brandings, contract extensions and terminations and created strategic road maps for both countries and cities across EMEA.

In the past two years, Jonathan was in charged with creating and delivering new industry focused courses in Hotel Asset Management and Hotel Planning and Development, as a Senior Lecturer, for École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). Over 1,000 students completed the first ever Hotel Asset Management course for Europe and courses in Hotel Development & Planning.

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