The International Hotel Development and Asset Management Specialization, a program of the Glion Institute of Higher Education, headed by Mr. Jonathan Humphries, has organized a two-day academic fieldtrip to Geneva on November 13th and 14th 2018. The students have been accompanied by Mr. Jackson Dang, lecturer and Mr. Jonathan Humphries.

The fieldtrip has been an enriching educational experience, bridging the gap between academic learning and industry. It provided immersive, real-world experience to Semester 7 students, while enhancing their future professional and vocational direction, as they will be soon graduating. The product visits, as the students experienced the latest product and service trends in Geneva, have been a key component in facilitating students’ learning.


One of the students assesses: “The overall learning has been amazing, I have explored a lot about the asset management of the hotel, the structure of hotel operation. I had an opportunity to ask questions and explore my future potential job.” Dmitry Prokopenko, Student.


A big thanks to our industry partners, for their time, commitment and for sharing their expertise and experience with our Glion students:


About The International Hotel Development and Asset Management Specialization

Jonathan Humphries has been appointed as the Head of Specializations to deliver Glion’s new International Hotel Development and Finance programs in early 2018. The program includes the modules of Hotel Asset Management and Concept Creation. The idea of bringing two aspects of the industry together, enables students to gain creative thinking while learning how to maximize the asset’s value. Students that finish this specialization will have a complete different mindset of the industry and will be able to succeed through creative and analytical thinking.


About HoCoSo

Swiss-based HoCoSo, brings together teams of global experts to create tailor-made solutions for client projects. Jonathan Humphries, Chairman and Owner of HoCoSo, and his direct team specialize in the extended-stay hospitality market, the boutique sector, and resort developments in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). We create innovative and future-oriented solutions for each of our clients across the following three fields of services: