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We’re recommending THE ADAPTERS this month.

THE ADAPTERS is a collection of Conversations with the Gutsy Genius Thinkers that are driving the 4th Age of Change, one experience at a time! Bringing you insights into “How the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality is Adapting and Innovating to connect the World”.

With the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, in many parts of the world, the hospitality sector is entering the recovery phase after almost a year of crisis. This is the evolving age of experience and connection. Individuals and companies of all sizes are being pushed to emerge from the Pandemic in altered forms with Employees and Customers expectations being elevated. The accelerated table stakes to operate has evolved more in 10 months than in the last 10 years, and maybe the previous 50 years before that. We are living in an exponential time of learning, adapting, and innovating to simply function.

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Authored by Sean Worker, Managing Director of T5 Strategies, and Managing Director Technology, Adaption and Innovation Services at HoCoSo, in collaboration with respected journalist and well-known industry showrunner Glenn Haussman, this book sheds light on trends, takes and tips on how managers are adjusting to leading a distributed workforce in a tech enabled world.

Produced as a series, it’s about and for all the people in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TT&H) universe: hotels, alternative accommodations, tour operators, airlines, cruises, restaurants, bars, associations, and professional bodies, as well as food truckers, educators, and all the suppliers that make travel possible. It’s also for anyone in the services business that want a look over the fence at how other industries think about their problems and how they adapt or innovate to solve them.

“THE ADAPTERS is about giving you, the reader, a real peak into how a $7.5 Bn industry works. Despite the pandemic, travel goes on, business goes on, ferries are operating, and planes are flying. This book is for you, a curious casual or corporate traveler, a buyer of travel or a services company that seeks inspiration and understanding. Learn how to thrive in a post C-19 era. Get prepared for the RAVING 2020’s!”

Sean Worker, Managing Director & Principal – T5 Strategies

and Managing Director, Technology, Adaption, and Innovation Services, HoCoSo

THE ADAPTERS is available on Amazon.co.uk – (Sean Worker: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle )


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