EHL has pioneered a first-of-its-kind full-time course in Hotel Asset Management (HAM) which prepares Bachelor students for the hotel industry. Following consultation with corporate executives, the course was conceived by EHL’s senior academic faculty for final year bachelor students and launched last September. This course serves as a consolidation of students’ previous years and provides them with a practical bridge course as they prepare to go into the industry.

The first cohort of 320 students are just about to finish the HAM course and will be ready to experience the industry from a new perspective, which in turn allows them to have a more professional dialogue with their future employers, such as hotel brand companies, investors, consulting firms, development companies, REIT’s, and lenders, to name a few.

This course fills a significant gap in the current landscape of hospitality education, and ensures that EHL graduates remain well-armed for the current market challenges. The HAM course not only provides future hotel executives with an understanding of the hotel owner’s view-point and objectives, but also strengthens graduates’ competences for opportunities within the hotel development sector.

Jonathan Humphries and Oliver Judge, co-creators of the course explain: “We wanted the students to have an authentic experience of what it is like to be in the business environment, constantly under pressure, whilst always trying to delicately manage different perspectives and relationships. The course focusses on both the softer components such as the importance of relationship skills, whilst giving insight into the global business models of the industry, plus evaluating projects from an investment, profitability and return perspective.”

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