On December 10th, our Hospitality Resilience Series’ hosts, Jonathan Humphries, Chris Mumford, and Jon Hazan, met with Rhaya Jordan, Nutritional Consultant to discuss the Mind-Body link and the many fascinating effects of diet on our levels of stress and anxiety. Towards the end of the session, she offered the audience her advice on how to navigate the choppy waters of Christmas eating.

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  • Have a good breakfast and have it when YOU want it.  Use the disruption of lockdown to start listening to your body and tune your breakfast time to when your body wants it, not the clock.

  • Eat earlier in the day, our body just simply cannot cope with food eaten late in the evening.  Try to finish eating by 7pm.  Unfashionable I know but your body will thank you for it.

  • Eat slowly and enjoy.  Never put yourself in the position of eating something you enjoy while simultaneously criticising yourself for eating it.  The stress you put yourself under causes almost more harm than any sugar in the food.  If you are having a sweet Christmas treat then eat it slowly, savour it and enjoy.  This will change its impact on your physiology for the better. It is also a potent way to reduce binging if you are prone to it.

  • If you are going alcohol free, make it really interesting and avoid sugary alternatives. Try making a shrub or drinking vinegar.  The probiotic and acid in the vinegar promotes digestion and helps reduce blood sugar spikes.  A quick Google will give you hundreds of adult, interesting and delicious ideas. A good alternative all round!

  • Here is a recipe to try, though quantities are only a suggestion depending on how sweet your fruit is – keep experimenting till your shrub tastes interesting and slightly too sweet.

    • whizz 1 punnet raspberries, one thumb-sized fresh ginger, a tablespoon of good raspberry jam and half a cup of cider vinegar together, let it sit for 2 days.  Taste – it should be slightly too sweet because you will be diluting it.   Strain and dilute with sparkling mineral water.


Read the full article here: How leaders can take advantage of nutrition to hone their gut instinct and reduce stress and anxiety – with Rhaya Jordan


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Our thanks to Rhaya Jordan for her time, her thoughts, and her excellent advice.

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