After two years of development the Stay Kooook concept was proudly presented. HoCoSo helped SV Hotel to develop the extended stay concept by means of concept development, original consumer insight and market research, partner selection and expert advice. Stay kooook revolutionizes the aparthotel sector by offering its guests a maximum in flexibility through a modular room concept, all fitted into a micro-apartment.

“Our motto Stay KooooK. Stay You! means that we give our guests the opportunity to feel comfortable and at home, even during longer stays, such as business trips” explains Beat Kuhn, Managing Director of SV Hotel, during the concept presentation on Thursday which took place in Olten, Switzerland. There, the gastronomy and hotel management group presented a mock-up room for their extended stay concept for the first time.

According to SV Hotel, Stay KooooK is the answer to the modern travel and accommodation needs in the digital age, where work and private life is merging more and more. The new concept aims to combine the advantages of modern forms of accommodation for the new demanding travellers. It should offer the cozy and relaxing atmosphere of a sharing solution without neglecting the reliable service of a hotel. Intelligent room design creates living space and flexibility that adapts to the lifestyle of the guests in order for them to feel just as at home.

Room design for individual needs

For more than two years a team of interior designers, architects, carpenters, digital and hospitality experts have been working alongside SV Hotels. The outcome is a flexible and functional concept that can be residence, living and open space all at the same time.


The new proposal offers fully furnished studios that provide all the conveniences of a modern accommodation in an area of ​​around 22 square meters – from the kitchen to the spacious bathroom, washing machine and dryer, to the workplace and entertainment facilities.

An intelligent room design allows optimum use of space. Thanks to a smart living element, every studio can be adapted to the specific needs of the respective situation. For example, the kitchen disappears with an elegant sweep right after breakfast and therefore, creates room for generous living, working or relaxation.

Communal living together

In the kitchen in the common area, the so-called “backyard”, guests can cook their own meal, heat up snacks or just spend time together. In addition, the residents can play pool or relax at the fireplace with a book or a good conversation.

Within a few simple steps the “Backyard” can be transformed into a workshop area, a yoga studio or a small concert stage.

The role of the host redefined

In each Stay KooooK residents can refer to a host for personal contact and inquiries. In order to be able to take as much time for individual guest requests, the idea works with the least operational effort. Thus, the booking and check-in process is fully automated.

The first Stay KooooK will be opened at the beginning of 2020 on the new Wankdorf City site in Bern.



This article was translated to English and is originally published by htr hotel revue.

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