Here is a great article from Skift with discussion about how extended-stay hotel concepts are being invented and redeveloped to keep up with travelers’ evolving tastes and needs.

What is clear is that the “length of stay” definition for extended-stay properties is now up for grabs. It’s like saying that AirBnB is only for those who want to meet hosts! It may be how these products started out, but now the customer decides how and where they stay. Customers are now used to staying in an AirBnB apartment for a couple of days, so why wouldn’t they want to stay in an extended-stay property for a short space of time as well?

What is clear is irrespective of length of stay, that there is a need for the social connection: hence Marriott International’s Element, incorporating social space into the new room; or the inclusion within public spaces, such as Jack deBoer’s (Residence Inn founder), new WaterWalk Hotel Apartment concept.

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