The Uberisation of Employment

Here is the summary of a great article by Chris Mumford, Managing Director from AETHOS. HoCoSo’s client strategy is based on harnessing the best in class freelance talent, to create tailor-made teams, to ensure a client’s project needs are exceeded.

As the freelance economy booms, employment model has also shifted from a lifetime engagement to short-term basis. Nowadays working people want more flexibility in terms of how and when they make money. Uberisation of employment offers such opportunity for workers as well as the promotion of work/life balance. Employers at the same time are able to get access to skills with less commitment and at lower cost.

“In Europe, where onerous employment laws add extra complexity and cost to hiring and firing, freelancers are the “fastest growing group in the EU labour market;” in the United States it is estimated that more than 50 million people are doing freelance work.”

Technology and social media have significantly shrunken the gap for freelancers to find job and get access to professional development and learning.

It is no longer hard to picture a day where most positions within a company are on a freelance or assignment base only.

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